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How to get a Green / Labourer CSCS card

Applying for Green CSCS Card is mandatory for individuals who wish to seek their career within the construction industry. The Green labourer card can be availed by anyone who is already holding his past experience and required experience in this field.
It is important that to apply for this card a candidate needs to hold a valid Level 1 QCF card. Apart from this, he is also expected to hold a valid health card issued by the regulatory authorities for Level 4. He needs to have past experience working within the construction site environment.

Past two years of experience and a valid CITB certification are mandatory for candidates. These documentations are to be produced by the applicant at the time of the registration process for the CSCS card. He should have also performed his best when he appeared for the test.

Process for applying for Green CSCS Card
Green CSCS card can be availed by applicants via following a simple procedure. At the time of application, the candidate is expected to meet all mentioned criteria factors.
Prior experience is mandatory as the job position holds performing a lot of skilled and unskilled tasks. In order to apply for the application of the Green card, the applicant can contact the authorities and the test centre via their contact numbers. All details related to the application procedure and qualifications required are also mentioned on the official web portal that can be collected by the candidate in advance.

All documentation, along with experience certificates and academic certificates, are to be submitted by the candidates prior to the application process via email to the authorities.

Collecting details related to the cost of the application process
It is obvious that the certification is offered as proficiency certificate to the candidate, so he is expected to pay a little amount of fee to the Environment, safety and health authorities. The details related to the cost of application and test can be availed by the candidates via helpdesk online. The charges for the application procedure have been set after looking into the standard of the job position.

Is it possible to apply without valid Diploma?
It is certain that the certification is offered to the candidate who is already qualified for performing the job at the construction site. This means that you need to possess prior experience in this field. It is also mandatory that a candidate should possess the right qualification and certifications for the job. If you fail to meet the education qualification but are holding past experience, you may apply for a card via obtaining Worker card.

Qualifications required
It is mandatory for the candidate to hold the best qualification when applying for the Green CSCS card. All certifications and experience certificates submitted by the candidate has to be related to the construction field. It is also mandatory that the candidate should have successfully completed CITB with passing grades. When applying for CSC, the candidate should have appeared and passed CITB not more than two years, prior to application date.

Booking for the CSCS test
In order to book for the Labourer CSCS card, the candidate can search for official site online. The booking for the CSCS test online can also be made by the candidate over the toll-free number once the nominal fee for registration has been paid.

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